Website and Internet Services

Website Hosting

CMS: Web Sites that YOU can manage

We build websites on the leading integrated Content Management System (CMS) platforms, DotNetNuke and Joomla. This gives you direct control over your content. You can log in to your site through a web browser and edit, add, or remove pages - no specialized web editing software is needed.  We've provided a video demonstration series here that will give you an idea of what to expect from your custom-configured site. You can make changes to your site on your own schedule, keeping content fresh while reducing ongoing maintenance costs. You can easily roll out fully-integrated blogs, calendars, forums, e-commerce and more.

Your Content-Managed website is fully scalable, able to easily grow with your business. Thousands of pre-existing add-on modules  are available that can do almost anything you can think of.  With a large and growing international community of expert developers, more additions are written every day.   If a module that meets your needs is not already available, we can adapt an existing one or create a custom one for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art and science of placing your website in the first few pages of search engine results by leveraging a carefully defined set of keywords and phrases. Prospects landing on your home page can then be persuaded to become customers. SEO has become mission critical for every company’s marketing operations, providing the coveted connection between a business and the vast pool of potential customers online.

Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, can drive traffic to your website and help build your online brand.  The importance of a high search results ranking is demonstrated by the fact that 85% of internet users find sites through the major search engines.  to be competitive in the on-line world, your site needs to be as near the top of search results as possible.

EMPULSE, a Berkshire County based web design and development company, creates SEO programs that help clients get their share of the action.

Website Design

You have many options when it comes to developing a professional look and feel for your website. There are literally thousands of per-designed templates available which can be purchased inexpensively (many are free)  and used as-is, or customized to meet your needs.  You can also have a site designed from scratch specifically for you.  EMPULSE does not offer web design services directly, but we work with several talented and experienced professional web designers who can meet your needs.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing includes all on-line activities designed t get your message out and getting customers to your site. From assessment to implementation, Empulse can help you.

E-Commerce: Do you need an on-line store? One major advantage of  of Empulse's chosen CMS platforms is the availability of add-on applications that include a choice fully-functional on-line stores.   You can add a complete web store to you site at a fraction of the cost of developing one from scratch.  Empulse can help you assess you needs and make an appropriate choice to fit your strategy.  We can then assist with the details of setting up you catalog, creating, uploading product images, writing search-engine friendly product descriptions and coordinating your on-line and off-line marketing.

E-Mail marketing:  Regular contact with existing and potential customers is a proven method of developing and maintaining good customer relationships and good customer relationships lead to increased sales.  Empulse can help you design and implement an e-mail marketing strategy that is coordinated with your other marketing activities.

Social Media: Social media sites are the fastest growing part of the internet.  To take advantage of the opportunities that that affords, you need a strategy that lincludes social media;  Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, Digg, Google Plus, Youtube, Blogspot and others.  Empulse can help you develop and implement your social media marketing strategy.

Paid Advertising: In addition to the multitude of opportunities to leverage low-cost and free marketing activities, there is a place for paid advertising as well.  Because of the shear volume of internet traffic, a poorly conceived paid advertising strategy can eat up a lot of money fast.  Bringing hordes of visitors to your site without any resulting sales is a total waste of time and treasure.  A well-conceived strategy can pay for itself many times over.   Empulse can help you design and execute an advertising strategy that brings results.


Managed Hosting Plans


Empulse can manage your web server to ensure that your installation is functional and secure so that you don’t have to. We perform periodic security updates as released by developers and ensure your server resources are maintained and configured as needed to properly support your web site.

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